Help! I need a marketing strategy, like, yesterday!

I hear you… and I can help.

I work with a select handful of loyal clients to provide high-level advice and implementation guidance around the dark arts of modern marketing. 

I can steer you through the minefield of over-stated claims, barely-believable promises of off-the-charts ROI, and competing voices that encourage you to put all of your eggs into one marketing basket.

In short, I’ll help you calm the chaos.

Let’s face it: you know your business better than anyone.

But do you understand how to communicate all of the unique benefits of your products or services to your ideal customers?

Chances are you’re close. Really close. But there is still a little certain something missing. You think there’s opportunity for growth, but you haven’t unlocked it yet.

That's where I can help.

I bring my broad-ranging, long-standing and unbiased marketing experience to the table, to augment your skills, experience, knowledge and insights.

Together, we can formulate an easy-to-implement, tailored marketing strategy for your business.

  • We’ll start by setting goals
    (and establishing the metrics to measure your progress)
  • We’ll define your market
    (including your customers AND your competitive landscape)
  • We’ll position your brand for success
    (teasing out key messages that customers and clients will gravitate towards, especially around what sets your business apart from others)
  • We’ll plan your marketing campaigns

    (and I’ll be right beside you to help you implement them, including training your team)

  • We’ll evaluate and continuously improve
    (because a little data goes a long way, enabling us to refine your activities, tweak your messaging and hit the right targets. But you need to know which data to monitor!).

You need clarity – and an actionable and effective strategy – that will propel your business forward.

When you choose to work with me, marketing your business won’t feel like a burden. 

Once we’ve completed your tailored strategy, you can choose to fly solo, or retain my ongoing expert advice to help you stay on track. Or you might prefer to just check-in occasionally, to discuss new challenges as they arise.

Sounds great, how do we start?

Whether you’d like to begin with a short ‘Problem-solve and Inspire’ session, or a full and comprehensive ‘Formulate, Implement, Execute’ strategy, I’d love to chat with you about where you are now, and what you aspire to achieve in the future.

Please complete the contact form here, and I’ll be in touch discuss my service options, current availability, and to obtain any more info I need so we can get underway.