We’re all feeling it, the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic this week has everyone questioning our immediate response and the long-term affects that lie ahead.

For many, so much uncertainty may feel paralysing. I can understand if as a business, you’re yet to consider how to manage your communications regarding the situation with your staff or your current and prospective customers.

But tempting as it may be, this is not a time to be silent. More than ever you need to be engaging in open and direct communications with your audience.

Fortunately, there are some basic proactive steps you can take as a business to help reassure your audience and provide leadership to build trust and loyalty.

Tips for Crisis Communications Management
Image – Brett Jordan via unsplash.com

Acknowledge the issue

We’re all human and we’re all experiencing this together. Use empathy to acknowledge the difficulties we are all currently facing.

Check your tone of voice. Obviously, these are serious and challenging times and you need to reflect this. But be mindful not to sound like a robot or politician. Remember to go back to your brand values and communicate in a tone that is reflective of those as well as the situation.

Be honest about how your business is directly affected 

Provide a clear and concise plan going forward

Communicate regularly 

Remind people this situation is fluid and ever-evolving. Be committed to open and regular communications. Keep your audience updated as things change.

Develop an ongoing schedule for communications  

Consider how often you need to be updating your staff (I would suggest almost daily) and customers. 

Your plan should have a mix of direct communications via email, website updates/blogs and social media posts.

For businesses needing a hand to kick start this process, or for those looking for help to have their current crisis communications reviewed, please reach out. I am happy to assist.

These are wild times indeed, let’s work together to weather the storm.

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