Re-energise your team

Got a marketing employee – or team – who needs strategic direction?

I’ll deliver a customised workshop at your office or location to stimulate new ideas, release creative blocks and help identify new opportunities for professional development.

I also train team members to broaden, deepen and strengthen their marketing skillset, so more can be achieved in-house.

There are huge benefits to upskilling your own team to implement a bespoke marketing strategy, including;

  • You stay in control of your brand and message
  • Your staff are empowered to learn new skills, take on new responsibilities and be champions for your business
  • The power of marketing (particularly social media) is that your customers and prospective customers feel like they are engaging directly with the business. If it’s being done by an external party it loses some authenticity.
  • The people who are most invested in your business (you and your staff) are best at understanding the nuance of your business. They are uniquely positioned to answer specific queries and relate to your ideal customer.

Complete the contact form and I’ll be in touch to discuss my current availability and to request any other information I need to get started.