Review and Refine

By its very nature, social media is fast-paced and ever-evolving, which makes it an exciting and accessible space to be for small business. However, it also requires vigilance to ensure your strategy is providing the best possible return on your time, energy and financial investment. Regular social media audits help keep your strategy on track, […]

Bespoke Social Media Strategy

After the audit process is complete, an individual strategy is developed. Covering all necessary platforms, it includes advice on tone of communication, content style and frequency of posting. Social media protocols and a clear delineation of responsibilities for staff are also included. An education and implementation session is essential in ensuring a smooth transition to […]

Social Media Audit

A social media audit is an online health check for your business and is a great starting point. It’s a powerful way to benchmark your online footprint to date and provides a comparison against key competitors.

Advertising Strategy

Incorporating a social media advertising strategy is increasingly important for business online. Organic growth has been made more difficult as algorithms push business pages further and further away from audiences. The fix? Paid advertising. The good news is, strategic advertising doesn’t need to cost a bomb, and you can be really clear on your objective […]

Let’s Get Started

It starts with a simple conversation – so let’s chat! I get to know and understand your business, and together we can identify and segment your target audience, develop an authentic ‘voice’ for your business on social media and work on a strategy to future-proof your marketing.