Digital and social media marketing are exploding right now. These are jobs no one knew would exist 20 years ago, yet here we are, and there is huge demand for businesses to get up to speed. To meet this demand, there are many agencies (big and small) and individuals with various skillsets ready to help. And that’s great! Diversity is strength and each business will have unique needs; you can choose someone who is the right fit for you and your business.

So am I the right person for you? Let’s see!

When I’m asked why potential clients should use Impression Media over other social media strategists, my answer is pretty simple.

Doing this well takes the skill of someone with depth and breadth of experience, across a range of industries, over a number of years. Not just an understanding of social media platforms or social media content management, but a proven track record of understanding all elements of marketing and how they work together to best position your business for success, now and into the future.

It’s probably worth explaining a little about my journey, here.

Not long after completing my Post Grad in Journalism, I segued into PR and Marketing, an industry I have worked in now for some 18 years (eek!), so it’s fair to say I have significant experience and understanding of traditional media, advertising and branding. I have also been witness to the evolution of digital marketing and watched as it as morphed into a necessary and critical element in the marketing mix.

In the early 2000’s, I was responsible for multi-million dollar marketing campaigns and managed teams of marketing professionals. These campaigns relied heavily on traditional marketing and advertising methods (think high radio and TVC spend, oh and $250K per annum on Yellow Pages advertising [not even joking]). Our online marketing strategy was limited to an attractive website with an online form to manage enquiries. Whilst these strategies were extremely successful at the time, they wouldn’t hold water today.

More recently, I’ve worked for small business with zero (or at least very little) marketing budgets other than my salary. Those scenarios relied on my skill and experience to help push the businesses forward from a marketing perspective. The campaigns demanded significant levels of creativity and flexibility, and centred around building social media following as the most economical way of securing brand traction with minimal outlay.

So what have these years of experience and working at the coalface taught me?

Firstly, the rise (and rise) of social media is real. It has forever changed the business landscape, bridging the gap between business and client, making each significantly more accessible to the other.

Secondly, I’ve seen and experienced the incredible advantages of having a considered social media strategy. Businesses which have chosen to embrace and, importantly, invest in social media marketing, have prospered, even when that investment takes the form of time and energy, rather than additional budget.

Do I believe social media marketing the answer to every business owner’s marketing prayers? Absolutely not. There will always be a place for traditional marketing methods (think strong logo and branding on communications and signage, local print and radio etc.. But Yellow Pages? Not so much anymore!). Social media should form part of the marketing mix in a broader marketing and communications strategy – even for small businesses.

And this is what I am so passionate about – helping established businesses to understand the power and place of social media marketing as part of a balanced marketing mix.

I don’t want to turn your business on its head. I want to help you understand and harness this new opportunity. I want to show you the value in connecting with your target audience through this medium and to help your business achieve measurable results against your own established goals.

In my experience, this is best achieved by first developing a solid bespoke social media strategy. Then working with staff to nurture and build knowledge and experience within your team. Of course sometimes outsourcing is necessary, but for many established businesses, empowering your own staff to drive your brand message is not only cost effective, it helps keep staff invested in the values and mission of the business.

Social Media isn’t rocket science, but it’s not all influencers and paid posts either. It has a valuable role to play in a considered marketing plan, and that’s where my skills and experience come to the fore.

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  1. Love this Cate! It’s really all about what you already know on a different platform but the trick and I see you get it, is the rules of engagement are different. You play ball well 👏🏾

    1. Oh shucks, thanks so much Ashul! 🙂
      You’re absolutely right, and with social media marketing, businesses need to shift from a traditional sales mindset to one of conversation and connection with their target market, adding value every step of the way. But really, if you haven’t been connecting with your target audience with your traditional marketing efforts, chances are they won’t have been very successful either!
      People need solutions to their problems; be that solution, make it accessible, price it right and them let them know about it! Easy, right? 😉

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