Is this how you feel pretty much every time you need to post on social media?

Is it a source of constant stress trying to come up with content to post?

You run a business! Social media is just a slice of what you do, it shouldn’t make you feel this way and it doesn’t have to.

Let’s turn that frown upside down!

Here’s HOW…

Know exactly who your customer is

Like, really know. Narrow it right down to your pretend client, let’s call them ‘Bob’ and/or ‘Sarah’ and think about what they like, where they live, what they do etc. Really get inside their head. Trust me, this will seriously help you when knowing what content to post!

Write down their pain points

What is going wrong for them that you can offer the solution to?

For example… If you’re a cafe owner and located in the city, Bob’s pain point might be that he needs really high quality coffee, *quickly*, before he rushes to his next meeting and he hates it if the barista can’t remember his name and coffee order.
If your cafe is more suburban, you might find a pain point for Sarah is enough space to wheel her pram in and making sure staff don’t roll their eyes when her toddler has a throw down tantrum because they wanted two white marshmallows with their babychino, not one white and one pink. [Ok, I’m grossly gender stereotyping here, but you get the idea!]

Use these as content pillars

Write a content plan addressing these pain points and make sure you are thinking of how you are able to solve these issues for them.

Post content with the following 60/30/10 mix

Education – what do people ask you the most? Answer that! Address each pain point,
Entertainment  – social media is a great escape for many people, keeping things light and a bit of fun is a great way to connect with your followers and also to show some brand personality, and;
Inspiration  – people remember how a brand makes them feel, so this can be a useful tool.

Tell your followers about you and your team in a fun, friendly, genuine way. Take your followers behind the scenes and give them insight into your business [this helps build trust and loyalty]

Be sure to keep these ones more infrequent, but these posts are where you can offer discounts or promo product releases etc

If you are always writing content with your customer in mind, then you are most of the way there! Just add some quality imagery and caption your posts in a voice that’s true to you [and that speaks to your audience!].

And if you’re time poor [who isn’t?!], plan and schedule your content in advance and take the stress away from the everyday!!

Has this info helped? Please let me know by commenting below, I’d love to hear from you!

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    1. Hi Lynne,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I’m so glad you enjoyed the content.
      I’ll be trying to update my blog regularly, so if you have any particular questions are areas you’d like covered, please let me know 🙂

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